Style sheet guidelines

The conference participants who wish to have their papers published in the reviewed thematic monograph entitled

Teaching Foreign Languages and Addressing the Specific Needs of Higher Education Students: New Trends, Challenges, Recommendations

are requested to submit the papers before November 7th 2016.

  • The articles should be 10-16 pages long, Times New Roman font, standard indentation 2.5 cm
  • In the right upper corner include your name and surname, affiliaton and mail address.
  • The articles with original content, not published before in any monographs or journals should contain the abstracts of 180-250 words long.
  • The abstracts should be followed with key terms (4-6 words).
  • The article should be divided into the following sections: 1. Introduction; 2. 3. 4. etc. Sections with  headings; 5. Conclusions or Final thoughts; 6. Bibliography.
  • Principles for good practice in writing should be followed by the authors.
  • Insert descriptions below figures and diagrams but insert descriptions above tables. Figures, diagrams and tables should be included in a separate file.
  • Bibliographical entries should be in line with the examples provided below:


Skehan, P. 1989. Individual Differences in Second Language Learning. London: Hadder and Stoughton.

Articles or book chapters:

Stevick, E. 1999. Affect in learning and memory: from alchemy to chemistry. In J. Arnold, (ed.) Affect in Language Learning Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 43-57.


Epstein, S. 2015. The self-concept revisited. Or a theory of a theory. American Psychologist 28 (1), 401-416.

  • The articles selected for the monograph will be reviewed. The authors of the articles will have 2 weeks to introduce all the corrections suggested by the reviewers.
  • Please send your article electronically to the mail address specified below:

with the separate files with figures, charts and tables.