WROCŁAW – the historic capital of Lower Silesia, situated on the Odra River. It is the fourth biggest city in Poland in terms of population (633,105 inhabitants). The capital of the Lower Silesia province since 1 January 1999. As far as income (3.814 million PLN) and expenses (3.804 billion PLN) are concerned, Wrocław has got the second biggest budget in Poland, ranking right after Warsaw. It hosts numerous companies, both Polish and international. It has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2016.

Despite serious (70 %) wartime destruction during WW II many buildings remained in their original condition while others were restored. The beautiful tenements of the Old Town give the city a unique character and testify to its magnificent past. Wrocław boasts the fifth biggest number of bridges and footbridges in Europe (currently about 220). It is one of the few European cities to have a moat permanently filled with water.