What is worth-seeing in Wrocław? Here are some of the city’s numerous attractions:

371Rynek (the Market Square) – with the City Hall, Cloth Hall, Świdnicka Basement, Spiż Brewary, historic Jaś and Małgosia houses – one of the biggest old market squares in Europe. Rynek is in the immediate vicinity of Solny Square, a medieval market square nowadays dominated by flower stalls.

171Ostrów Tumski (the Cathedral Island) – originally a separate island, it is the oldest historic part of Wrocław, settled at least since 9th c. It host the mansion of the Lower Silesian Metropolitan bishop, the Cathedral and many other religious monuments. A beautiful view of the whole Ostrów Tumski can be admired from Dunikowski boulevard, situated on the opposite bank of the Odra river.

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice – the huge painting measuring 15x120m (1800m², 3.5t) depicts the first battle of Kościuszko’s soldiers fought at Racławice on 4th April 1794. The painting is the work of Jan Styka (form Lviv) and Wojciech Kossak.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław – established in 1811 within the area of Ostrów Tumski (the Cathedral Island). There are 7,500 species of plants in the area.

Szczytnicki Park – one of the numerous parks in Wrocław. The most beautiful part of the park is the Japanese Garden. Its Japanese name, Hakkonen (white and red) symbolises the colours of the Polish flag as well as the Japanese one. Within the area of the park, Multimedia Fountain shows can be admired in the summer.

151The Centennial Hall – situated in the immediate vicinity of Szczytnicki Park. An outstanding achievement of modernist architecture. Nowadays, the spacious restored hall hosts big events such as matches or concerts, while important meetings take place in the attached Congress Centre.

The Zoological Garden – situated opposite Szczytnicki Park, it is one of the biggest in Poland. Its magnificent attraction, the Africarium, was opened in the area in winter 2014 and offers the visitors, among others, a look at species of fish from all around the world swimming in a gigantic bowl.

All of these attractions are waiting to be explored. Wrocław attracts people with its unique climate and lively clubs and cafés, especially busy in the evening. The positive emotions can additionally be reinforced by a night walk around the beautifully-lit city.